Coming to an airport near you?

Coming to an airport near you?

On Monday, 15th July 2013, the world’s largest passenger aircraft landed at Manston Airport in East Kent. A fine example of European cooperation, the Airbus A380 is capable of carrying over 800 passengers nearly 10,000 miles. This inaugural flight will be the first of many as British Airways trains its pilots and crew in the safe operation of this magnificent aircraft.

In November last year, the A380 won the John Connell Silent Approach Award sponsored by the Noise Abatement Society for “ a remarkably quiet aircraft, which delivers unprecedented certified noise levels to the most stringent ICAO Chapter 4 standard”.

There was no doubt that this was a quiet aircraft indeed as it landed serenely on Manstons’ wide runway and taxied gently in the midday sun towards the Arrivals Lounge to receive admiring glances and spontaneous applause from the waiting dignitaries, VIPs and airport staff.

A personal triumph for the Manston Airport Managing Director Charles Buchanan, the arrival of British Airways first A380 flight provides further evidence of the growing reputation of Manston as an airport of choice for major airlines.

KLM Air France reports solid support for its twice daily flights to Schiphol which began on 2nd April this year and it cannot be long before other national carriers take a closer look at the slick operation and fast turnaround times available at East Kent’s major airport.

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