Planar Array Filters

Planar Array Filters

The multilayer ceramic Planar Capacitor Array is an application specific component designed for use in multi-line EMI/RFI filter circuits, typically found in filtered connectors. Planar Capacitor Array technology affords the user weight and volumetric efficiency as well as performance and reliability advantages compared to other capacitor technologies.

The Planar Capacitor Array is a unitary block of ceramic containing capacitors or a combination of capacitors, feedthrough and ground lines. Our current capability extends from a simple 2 hole unit to a complex 155-way device. Individual line connection is made to each capacitor through a terminated hole, whilst the ground connection is made at the device perimeter. Very low impedances are encountered as signals are presented with multi-directional paths to ground.

Working with major customers in the EMC field has enabled AEF Solutions to develop a comprehensive range of planforms for inclusion into the following connector types:

  •  Circular (MIL-C-38999, MIL-C-26482 etc)
  • ARINC 404, ARINC 600 and EN3682
  • D SUB (MIL-C-24308)
  • High Density D SUB
  • Micro-D (MIL – C – 83513)

Planar Capacitor Array are designed to perform differing electrical functions and can  embrace the following:

  • Multiple capacitance values (to a wide value)
  • Hole to hole insertion loss specification
  • Hole grounding to a specific maximum resistance
  • Grounded contacts.
  • Feedthrough contacts

Typical capacitance value range is 47pF to 600nF.

Connectors can be configured to provide L, C, LC, Pi and T Filters, combinations of circuits and varied Capacitance values.

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