Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Versatile & Fully Scalable

  • Freely programmable HVAC controllers
  • Fully scalable using I/O expansion modules
  • Universal input/output modules deliver maximum system flexibility
  • Fully scalable to cater for large as well as stand-alone applications


  • Maximising capital investment
  • Number of hardware required is proportional to the project size
  • Delivery of complete integrated solutions
  • Modular approach delivers reduced engineering time


  • Interoperable with building control communication standards
  • Multi-protocol architecture deliver full system integration
  • Extensive library of integration drivers with third part products

Ease of Engineering

  • Intuitive programming and engineering platform
  • Visual programming environment aids in rapid creation of complex control strategies
  • comprehensive library of function blocks, PID loops and control functions
  • Extensive range of system integration and third party protocol translation options

On-board Web Server

  • Built-in powerful web server
  • Ethernet technology delivers ease of connectivity to end-users’ network
  • Full web access, system management and energy monitoring from anywhere in the world
  • Advanced alarm handling and reporting
  • Energy monitoring and reporting
  • Special events calendar
  • Dynamic plant graphics

Operational & Financial benefits

  • Lower capital outlay
  • Reduced energy consumption and operating costs
  • Tailored control strategies to meet the clients specific requirements
  • Lower system maintenance
  • Future proof

Environmental Benefits

  • Optimised control ensure a high level of comfort
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Improved indoor air quality leading to increased productivity
  • Reduction of CO2 carbon emissions and  carbon footprint

Research & Development

  • Our R&D team are dedicated to delivering the latest advancement in intelligent building controls
  • Committed to providing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions
  • Our group’s state of the art high-tech manufacturing plants guarantee high level of product reliability and maximum throughput

Product Support & Customer Relations

  • Excellent customer support and after sales care
  • Knowledgeable technical support team
  • Friendly and professional approach

You're In Good Company...

Group Overview

AEI Group is a leading UK provider of electronic manufacturing services (EMS), bespoke Filtered Connectors and world beating OEM solutions to the building controls, HVAC and underfloor heating & cooling markets. Our extensive range of manufacturing services and OEM solutions are delivered through our group of companies: Esprit Electronics, Icon Electronics, AEF Solutions & Open System Solutions (OSS).