Expansion Modules

Expansion Modules

Product Options


  • 7 Digital/Pulse Inputs
  • 8 Digital Relay Outputs

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  • 7 Universal Inputs
  • 8 Analog Outputs
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  • 8 Universal Inputs
  • 4 Analog Outputs
  • 3 Digital Relay Outputs

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  • 6 DO: 25 VAC Triac Output
  • 3 DO: 1A 24VAC Relay Contact

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A comprehensive range of modular Input/Output (I/O) expansion modules are available to extend the functionality of NeOSS controllers.  The I/O expansion modules are based on a compact design and come in a variety of options to cater for a wide range of building control applications

They modules provide a cost effective solution to increasing the point count of main controllers and are easy to setup and configure.  The Each expansion module can support a maximum of 15 I/O points.

Unlike conventional control systems, our distributed, freely programmable modular controls have been designed to minimise the field wiring to delivery maximum performance and reduce installation time, hence providing additional cost savings.  The NeOSS I/O range of expansion modules are designed for maximum versatility and can operate from anywhere on the communication network.

They are an ideal solution for new installations as well as retrofit applications.  Existing OSS installations can be extended without any preplanning or prior notice by installing additional I/O expansion modules to extend the functionality of the existing control systems.  This level of flexibility provides an overall cost saving as the control specialist is no longer required to include for spare points during the design stage to cater for future expansion or modifications.

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