The Broadsword software is a programming and engineering tool designed to provide engineers with a powerful visual programming and engineering environment.

The software application provides a one stop solution to all your building control programming and system integration needs.  Our intuitive engineering environment provides a significant reduction in engineering time while increasing the installation, commissioning and troubleshooting on site.  The visual programming environment provides a powerful common platform for creating building control strategies, system integration and dynamic plant graphics.

The software application tool allows you to take a NeOSS controller and completely reconfigure the device to meet with your site-specific control requirement.  The software provides the user with full control over the BMS control strategy, interface options , data logging, alarm handling, time schedules and integrated plant schematics…and more.  A powerful built-in graphic editor is provide to enable the user to create dynamic plant graphics, virtual instruments, floor plans, system status and monitoring pages.

The Broadsword powerful visual programming application provides a common platform for creating all type of HVAC building control strategies and seamless integration with third party protocols.  The intuitive visual programming environment has been designed from the ground up to enable both novice and advanced users to create sophisticated and complex protocol integration

Broadsword software delivers a comprehensive range of drag and drop control modules including PID loops, logic functions, logs, alarms, time schedules…etc.  The programming environment incorporates an extensive library of interface options for seamless integrating with third party product and protocols.  The integration options currently include LonWorks, BACnet, TCP/IP, Modbus, Trend, Crestron, Lutron, DEVI, Velux, SNMP, iLight and Kentec fire detection systems.


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