London 2012 – The Green Olympics

London 2012 – The Green Olympics

London partnered with World Wildlife Fund and BioRegional to create “One Planet Olympics”,  a program that addresses energy, carbon, water, waste reduction, biodiversity; access and inclusion; public health, and employment considerations.

Strategies noted in the Jones Lang LaSalle report include: Development of renewable energy and distributed local power generation to minimiz, venues that use 30 to 40 percent less drinkable water than standard, a pledge of zero waste to landfill during the Games , re-use of 90 percent of demolition waste and creation of 45 hectares of wetland habitat and 675 boxes for flying animals within Olympic Park.

In addition, buildings created for the Olympics, including 17,000 flats for athletes and other residential and shopping properties, are designed for use after the Games and use sustainable design elements. As a key advisor to London, Jones Lang LaSalle considered environmental and economic sustainability in assessing the viability of residential and sports sites and post-Olympics commercial and civic uses for sites in support of London’s Olympic bid.

The firm has also been named leasing agent of some post-Olympics properties.

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