Discrete Temperature Sensors

Flush Mounted Sensor

The flush mounted sensor can be skimmed and painted over to match any wall Read More

Discreet Bead Sensor

The range of low-profile button / bead temperature sensors are used for measuring air temperature in indoor space Read More

Supply Water Sensor

The Supply water sensor (Waterproof) is a direct output temperature Sensor used to measure air temperature Read More

Floor Sensor

The Flying Lead Floor Temperature Sensor is for measuring the temperature of the floor to give added protection Read More

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AEI Group is a leading UK provider of electronic manufacturing services (EMS), bespoke Filtered Connectors and world beating OEM solutions to the building controls, HVAC and underfloor heating & cooling markets. Our extensive range of manufacturing services and OEM solutions are delivered through our group of companies: Esprit Electronics, Icon Electronics, AEF Solutions & Open System Solutions (OSS).