I-ZC-8 Hydro Line Zone Controller

I-ZC-8 Hydro Line Zone Controller

Product Options

I-ZC-8 Zone Controller

  • Supply – 230VAC
  • Max load Pump, HIU / Boiler & Thermal actuators
  • Configurable Output Relay (X-output) Volt free signal
  • HIU / Boiler Output Relay
  • Underfloor heating pump
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Hydro line I-ZC-8 Intelligent Heating & Cooling Zone Controller – Modbus RTU Open Protocol

  • A Single Heating & Cooling Controller
  • Multiple Controllers – 32 Devices Per Network
  • Modbus RTU communication for BMS & remote access
  • Humidity Sensing for Dew Point Control on Cooling
  • 2 Wire Sensor Bus and 4 wire Modbus Network Bus

The underfloor heating controller has the following:

  • 8 x 230v AC Outputs (Channel 1 – Channel 8 ) shown as Red LEDs on the front cover. Red LED ON = Demand for heat.
  • 1 x Green LED that indicates 230v AC Power supply to the controller. Green flashing LED = OK.
  • 1 x Green LED that indicates the on board relay for the Boiler / HIU output is ON – This output is volt free. 
  • 1 x Green LED that indicates the on board relay for the Pump Output is ON – This is a 230v L & N Output to the pump.
  • 1 x Green LED that indicates the Output for the ‘A’ Auxiliary Relay is ON – See opposite.

There is a Separate ‘A’ Output that is a configurable relay via a row of DIP switches. This relay can operate if Cooling mode is selected or High Supply water temperature is detected – via the application / supply water sensor.

The terminals on the outputs to the thermal heads are double stacked so that a maximum of 4 thermal actuator heads can be connected to 1 Zone. (Max thermal heads per controller 14)

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