Multi-function Touchscreen

Multi-function Touchscreen

Product Options

Hydro line Touchscreen Thermostat

  • Heating only

  • Cooling only (Dew point control)

  • Humidity (Optional)

  • Child lock

  • Modbus RTU protocol

  • Addressable

  • Baud rate

  • Backlight

  • 4 Event clock thermostat

  • Fan coil, fan speed

  • Air quality sensor (Optional)

  • Temperature value

  • Set point value – Adjustable

  • Heating ‘ON’ icon

  • Cooling ‘ON’ icon

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Multi-function Touchscreen

Hydro line Room Touchscreen sensor

  • Temperature Value
  • Set-point Value
  • Air Quality Sensing (Optional)
  • Heating or Cooling Control
  • Fan Coil Control – Fan Speed Manual or Auto
  • 4 Event Clock Thermostat
  • Humidity / Dew point control for Cooling (Optional)
  • Back lit
  • Reduced functionality 2 wire Touchscreen (Optional)

Modbus technology & display flexibility

Working on Modbus RTU Protocol, this multi-function Thermostat can operate on a number of different platforms (in conjunction with if required, the NeOSS ‘MIG’ controller) to incorporate the above list of controls functions or reduce the display to a minimalistic ease of control, such as only displaying Room Set-point value.


Multi-function & versatile Touchscreen thermostat

Minimalistic display

The above icons can be selected at design stage for ease of operation and can incorporate as much or as little information as possible.

The universal colour touch display screen is intuitive by nature for ease of operation.


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