Underfloor Heating & Cooling Control Systems – Hydro Line

Underfloor Heating & Cooling Control Systems – Hydro Line

Underfloor Heating & Cooling Control Systems – Hydro Line

Over the last decade one of the most extensive and expansive sectors of the building industry has had a focus on the energy we consume every day in the heating our properties. This has led to the promotion of reducing energy and the overall carbon footprint used every day. In order to promote this focus has been on how best to heat our homes with limited heat requirements.

One of the key areas of energy efficient heating has been the continued development of heating systems for the underfloor heating market.

Three key areas have allowed for a reduction in heat demand and hence a reduction in our carbon footprint demands.

  • Properties to be much better insulated.
  • Properties to capture and re-use heat – MVHR systems installed (Mixed ventilation & heat recovery systems)
  • Properties to install Underfloor heating – Which by working with the natural principles of heat rising and utilising the floor area for the underfloor heating pipework and advanced controls generates maximum savings on energy demands.  

Open System Solutions Ltd have over the last 15 years developed and enhanced a product used extensively in the BMS market as a multiple interface gateway (MIG) to enable communications across other controller software platforms.

The experience and software technology gathered over the years have led OSS to develop and manufacture a New product range specifically for the Underfloor heating / cooling market. The Hydro line product has flexibility in its application and installation. Combine this with the integration with todays technology and you have a product that not only is Manufactured here in the UK but an ‘on the doorstep’ controls solution.   

As one of the most successful areas of energy efficient heating systems OSS have developed a brand to the market called the Hydroline that takes the mechanics of the heating system  with enhanced controls to provide a combined synergy to provide an energy efficient controls offering to the market.

The Underfloor heating controls market has been expansive over the last decade.

Extensive work has gone into the reduced carbon footprint for heating our homes.

One of the many advantages of having an OSS controls platform installed is that it can integrate fully with any home automation system or connect directly to ‘Smart devices’ within the home such as a Smart TV or Iphone / ipad / android devices along with connectivity with a Desktop or Laptop that is connected to the local network. This ease and flexibility to control each individual zone on temperature setpoint makes for energy savings.

Clearly, the easier and more convenient the system is to use, it becomes second nature with ease to change and optimise your desired room temperatures.

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AEI Group is a leading UK provider of electronic manufacturing services (EMS), bespoke Filtered Connectors and world beating OEM solutions to the building controls, HVAC and underfloor heating & cooling markets. Our extensive range of manufacturing services and OEM solutions are delivered through our group of companies: Esprit Electronics, Icon Electronics, AEF Solutions & Open System Solutions (OSS).